(10 min video) The Israel-Palestine conflict: a brief, simple history – The conflict is really only 100 years old

This doesn’t mention the terrorism the non-Semitic ‘Jews’ used to take over Palestine in the first place, and how immoral and illegal the 6-day war was, but otherwise pretty good — lots of illustrations and only 10 minutes.

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The Israel-Palestine conflict: a brief, simple history

Index to The Talmud Unmasked — 9. Jewish Prayers against Christians 11. Objective of Jewish Prayers is the Destruction of Christianity 12. Jews Pray for a Revengeful Messiah | I. By not Helping Them II. By Interfering in Their Work III. By Deceit in Legal Matters IV. By Harming Them in Things Necessary for Life

Pastors teach how evil Islamic writings are, while saying nothing about the evil Jewish Talmud that most Jewish rabbis elevate above the Torah.

Why this double standard among pastors who won’t heed Jesus’ warning or do what Jesus did by warning…?

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Article I. – Christians Unworthy to Share With Jews
Article II. – Christians Are Unclean
Article III. – Christians Are Idolaters
Article IV. – Christians Are Evil
I. By not Helping Them
II. By Interfering in Their Work
III. By Deceit in Legal Matters
IV. By Harming Them in Things Necessary for Life
1. Renegades to be killed
2. Apostates
3. Princes, especially the Prince of Rome (the Pope) to be exterminated
4. All Christians to be killed
5. Killing a Christian is an Acceptable Sacrifice to God
6. Heaven Promised to Those Who Kill Christians
7. A Christian may be Beheaded on the most Solemn Festivals
8. The Messiah expected will be Revengeful
9. Jewish Prayers against Christians
10. Christian Prayers for the Jews
11.Objective of Jewish Prayers is the Destruction of Christianity
12. Jews Pray for a Revengeful Messiah

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30 Traits of the Jezebel Spirit

Truth in Reality

Jezebel is a spirit, but it finds access through uncrucified flesh.  Although the Jezebel spirit is described in the Bible as being a woman, it does not actually have a gender. There is no doubt that it functions just as proficiently through men.

1. Refuses to admit guilt or wrong

A Jezebel spirit is never wrong, unless it is a temporary admittance of guilt to gain “favor” with someone. To accept responsibility would violate the core of insecurity and pride from which it operates. When a Jezebel apologizes it is never in true repentance or acknowledgment of wrongdoing but rather “I’m sorry your feelings were hurt.”

2. Takes credit for everything

While a strong trait of Jezebel is to never take responsibility for his wrong actions or behavior, he also is quick to take credit for benefits for which he contributed no effort.

3. Uses people to accomplish its agenda

The Jezebel spirit…

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Martin Luther, the original grace changer, OSAS founder who has led so many astray

I just wrote the following comment on Facebook, in response to this key Romans 11 passage that a friend posted — and thought I’d share it here too.

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Romans 11:20 Be not highminded, but fear: 21 for if God spared not the natural branches, take heed lest he also spare not thee. 22 Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God: on them which fell, severity; but toward thee, goodness, if thou continue in his goodness: otherwise thou also shalt be cut off.

The Founder of “ONLY BELIEVE” — a type of OSAS predating Calvin

It’s amazing to me that Martin Luther’s ‘eureka moment’ was when he saw “the just shall live by faith” in Romans 1. He then built his whole theology on the idea of “only believe,” instead of reading further into Paul’s letter to see key verses in Romans 8 and this crystal clear, balancing passage, to let Paul interpret Paul, instead of making up his own gospel that his itching ears so strongly wanted to believe.

Then Luther didn’t like the book of JAMES at all, because James clearly says we must do something, not just believe. (And we’re not going to believe anyway if we’ve been willfully sinning when we see Jesus face to FACE). So Luther declared that the book of James shouldn’t even be scriptural, and JUDE, HEBREWS and REVELATION were subordinate books.

(“The just shall live by faith” is also in Hebrews 10:26-39, which shows what happens to those who willfully sin without repenting. So no wonder why Luther couldn’t fit his theory into Hebrews, one of the “subordinate books.”)

And it’s not because he didn’t read Paul’s entire books. He translated the entire Bible into German.

His bias must have blinded him, so like most modern teachers today, they somehow ignore the dozens of clear texts that completely refute the “once saved always saved” (OSAS) theory, or “only believe” and “it’s hard to lose one’s salvation.”

Luther said he’d give his Ph.D. cap to anyone who could justify Paul and James.

The truth is he couldn’t even justify Paul and Paul, because he ignored key texts like these.

Luther ended up being a mean person, who told Melanchthon: “sin boldly, because God doesn’t forgive a little sin.” And after he died he wanted to come back as a demon to torment the Catholic leaders (see link below).

That’s what crazy, unbiblical theology can do to a person’s life.

Now, the Lutherans still follow his teaching, often calling themselves “Lutherans” instead of “Christians.”

I was raised Lutheran. I’m glad I read the Bible on my own to see what it really said while in high school.

Lutheranism is one of the biggest deceptions, affecting MILLIONS of people!

From what I’ve seen it appears that Martin Luther is more responsible for once-saved-always-saved than John Calvin; though, Luther’s focus was more on “only believe” and infant baptism than Calvin’s TULIP.

For many Lutheran pastors today, infant baptism is all that’s needed — not even belief.


“There is therefore now *no condemnation* to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” – Romans 8:1 in a real Bible

“We know and have believed the love which God has for us. God is love, and HE WHO REMAINS IN LOVE remains IN GOD, and God remains in him. In this, love has been made perfect among us, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment, BECAUSE as he is, even so are we in this world.” – 1 John 4:16, 17


Martin Luther’s Subordinate Bible Books: Hebrews, James, Jude & Revelation  

Luther: Let us BANISH the epistle of James, for it is ‘WORTHLESS’ — written by a non-Christian and can’t be reconciled with Paul

“Be a sinner and sin boldly” — “No sin can separate us from Him, even if we were to kill or commit adultery thousands of times each day”  

Hating, unforgiving, James-3 cursing, Biblically disqualified MARTIN LUTHER: “When I die, I want to be a ghost…So I can continue to pester the bishops, priests and godless monks until that they have more trouble with a dead Luther than they could have had before with a thousand living ones.”

Reverse-Christian LUTHER: “To Kill a Peasant is Not Murder… Crush them! Cut their throats! … To kill a peasant is to destroy a mad dog! If they say that I am very hard and merciless, mercy be damned. Let whoever can: stab, strangle, and kill them like mad dogs” • “Like the mules who will not move unless you perpetually whip them with rods, so the civil powers must drive the common people. Whip, choke, hang, burn, behead and torture them, that they may learn to fear the powers that be”

LUTHER: ‘Heretics’ Should Be Executed — Melanchthon drafted a memorandum demanding death for ALL ANABAPTISTS and Luther signed it!

What the Lord’s Prayer really says about FORGIVING. Jesus made it clear right after “Amen”: “IF YOU DON’T forgive…” vs. Luther’s Catechism: “God forgives WITHOUT CONDITION,” even “REVENGE!!!”

Martin Luther Cursed from His Heart Catholic Leaders, ‘Every Day’



(4 min video) ISRAEL: 🍔 SHOCK! Burger King Sex Toy Happy Meals on Valentine’s Day in Talmudic Israel


Needs to be said and known, so we don’t support their evil, Talmudic, anti-Christian agenda, worldwide!

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🍔 SHOCK! Burger King Sex Toy Happy Meals on Valentine’s Day in Israel

(video) Chuck Baldwin: If You Think the Koran is Bad, You Should Read THE TALMUD, IF YOU CAN STOMACH IT — “Jesus addressed the Talmud and the Zionists when he addressed the Pharisees” • “They believed the writings of the Mishnah were SUPERIOR to the writings of Moses. They still believe that today in the modern state of Israel” • “Benjamin NETANYAHU is a Talmudist” | “All these PROPHESY ZEALOTS on TV and radio, they think it’s wonderful that they’re talking about REBUILDING THE TEMPLE: ‘preparing the way for Christ!'” • “This is PREPARING THE WAY FOR THE ANTICHRIST who will deceive the world” • “The elect are ALREADY DECEIVED by the MYSTERIES OF INIQUITY” | “Mystery Babylon, is it Rome, or is it Jerusalem?” — ‘The Mystery Of Iniquity’ – Feb. 12, 2017

I talk about the Talmud a lot because this is the heart of what’s going on, the ‘leaven’ that Jesus warned us about, what the ‘Jews’ still follow today — who pull off the false flags, own TalmudVision (TV) and the establishment media, Wall Street, run education, push porn, LGBTQ and the destruction of America, while we destroy nations which neighbor Talmudic Israel, and who would stand up against their NWO. The Talmud is their source:

(video) Sick Evil Jewish Talmud — Source of sexual deviance, vile blasphemy of Christ, hatred of Christianity & Christians • “Only Jews are men” (human) • “Christians, as followers of the ‘false prophet’ Jesus, deserve death” • Through the Talmud, the Pharisees rejected God’s new covenant agenda and gave Jews an ethic that encouraged bigotry and isolation — and invited persecution

Instead of warning the people like Jesus did, the many deceived “Christian” Zionists are aiding and abetting the enemy, helping to bring about the Antichrist.

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Chuck discusses the Talmud at 1:01:50, reading from Barnes Notes on Matthew 15:

Transgress the tradition of the elders – The world “elders” literally means “old men.” Here it means the “ancients,” or their “ancestors.” The “tradition of the elders” meant something handed down from one to another by memory; some precept or custom not commanded in the written law, but which scribes and Pharisees held themselves bound to observe.

They supposed that when Moses was on Mount Sinai two sets of laws were delivered to him: one, they said, was recorded, and is that contained in the Old Testament; the other was handed down from father to son, and kept uncorrupted to their day. They believed that Moses, before he died, delivered this law to Joshua; he to the Judges; they to the prophets; so that it was kept pure until it was recorded in the Talmuds. In these books these pretended laws are now contained. They are exceedingly numerous and very trifling. They are, however, regarded by the Jews as more important than either Moses or the prophets.

“He’s talking about the Mishna, the oral traditions of the fathers, the Pharisees, passed down through the generations until … they were written in the two Talmuds.

If you think the Koran is bad, you should read the two Talmuds. Jesus was referring to the Mishnah, which was the precursor to the Talmud. In other words, the Pharisees were Talmudists. They believed that the writings of the Mishnah were superior to the writings of Moses in the law of God. They still believe that today in the modern state of Israel. …

Benjamin Netanyahu promised that the Talmud would be the official law of the state of Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu is a Talmudist. Like I said, if that isn’t registering to you, please get a copy of both Talmuds and read them, if you can stomach what you’re going to read, if you can stomach what you’re going to read, read the two Talmuds. And remember this is the law for Benjamin Netanyahu. This is the law for the Zionists in 2017.

Jesus addressed the Talmud and the Zionists when he addressed the Pharisees. They were the progenitors of the Zionists and the Talmudists of today.”


“All these prophecy zealots on television and radio, they all think it’s a wonderful thing that they’re talking about rebuilding the temple. ‘Preparing the way for Christ!’ That’s what they’re saying. The next one is to come, the Antichrist, a counterfeit christ in a counterfeit temple, in a counterfeit city and a counterfeit nation.

This is not preparing the way for the Messiah and Savior. This is preparing the way for the Antichrist who will deceive the world, and who Jesus said: if it were possible, will deceive the very elect. And I think the elect are already deceived by the mysteries of iniquity that we’ve already looked at. In their hearts, they’re already deceived…! And now they’re talking about the temple.”

“Mystery Babylon, is it Rome, or is it Jerusalem?”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

• • •

“The Mystery Of Iniquity” – Message by Chuck Baldwin on Feb. 12, 2017

Society is creating a new crop of alpha women who are unable to love – Suzanne Venker

Interesting article, and very interesting subject; though, I can’t agree with it all.

The most important aspect regarding this subject may be marrying the right person. A prophet once told me: “if a man marries a strong-willed woman, the man must be stronger willed.” I see this as incredibly wise.

I really do like what Suzanne says here.

“In essence, being feminine means being nice. It means being soft instead of hard. And by “nice,” I don’t mean you should become a mouse. (That’s the narrative the culture sells, but that doesn’t make it true.) Men love women who are fun and feisty and who know their own mind!”

Women who lose their femininity and become hard is tragic. They cut their hair short, and watch out! To see women who are still feminine is so wonderful to see — who refuse to let hating-others demons affect them!

Even most pastors no longer talk about demons, but they’re a huge factor! Unforgiveness and hate is rampant. Because people have smart phones doesn’t mean people no longer have demons: Can a Christian Have a Demon? Absolutely! Most Have Many!

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