CT article she refers to: All 240 Family Christian Stores Are Closing

I wrote this comment under the video:

Really good, except, please be careful about praying (or James-3 cursing) that the existing “Christian” bookstores would close. It may be better to pray that real Christians buy them, and then sell SOUND DOCTRINE: real Christian books and real Bibles and gifts (especially plaques that have JESUS’ GREATEST TWO COMMANDMENTS — what we’re supposed to be focused on obeying in the NEW COVENANT — which these “Christian” stores rarely sell. They focus on old covenant gifts instead, and on worshiping modern day, Talmudic Israel).

@11:50, transcribed by me:

“This stuff [false doctrine books] will bring you to hell. And the people who are selling this stuff (that did sell this stuff) are going to have to give an account for the amount of souls that they sold this stuff too, and made available to these people.

Now, I know people have a free will, but as a Christian person, you have a responsibility before God to tell them the truth — or the blood will be on your hands.”

• • •

House Of Heresy- Family Christian Store Closing Down- USA

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