Former Satanist/Illuminist/Witch/Vampire/Freemason/Mormon Bill Schnoebelen: Exposing The Illuminati From Within

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Uploaded on Mar 20, 2011

Bless our Creator Yahuwah and His Son Yahuwshuwah for our oppurtunity to find and search the truth. Bill Schnoebelen author of 7 witchcraft books, satanic voodoo high priest, 9th degree ordo templi orientis, 2nd degree church of Satan, Occultist, channeler, taught astrology, taught tera cards, 9th degree Rosicrusion, 90th degree Mason, and member of the illuminati. Explains the depths of the devil and his religious system in the world.

Exposing The Illuminati From Within (Bill Schnoebelen) 2of2


Former Satanist/Illuminist/Freemason/Mormon BILL SCHNOEBELEN: The Devil You Know — “As dangerous as Obama is, ROMNEY, in his own way is even more dangerous?” — HALLOWEEN, ‘the Devil’s holiday’ defiles children — “As long as there is MASONRY in the church there will be no revival” — “Listen to the VOICE of the His Spirit, because He can direct things” — “And SPIRITUAL WARFARE is critical”

[video] Kent Hovind: The Hovind Theory about the Creation, the Curse and the Flood – Creation Seminar 6 — The worldwide Genesis flood actually makes total sense, scientifically!

The worldwide Genesis flood actually makes total sense from this presentation of the evidence, entitled: “The Hovind Theory about the Creation, the Curse and the Flood.”

I don’t agree with Kent Hovind’s once-saved-always-saved teaching, though.  My article. And some of his jokes aren’t careful enough.

Science is his thing, his gift. This is really good!


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Creation Seminar 6 – Kent Hovind – Hovind Theory (FULL)


Uploaded on Mar 25, 2010

This is part 6 of Kent Hovind’s creation seminar. The title of this one is, “The Hovind Theory”. To buy this or the whole seminar on DVD, go to: …


(video) Creation Seminar 3 – Kent Hovind – Dinosaurs (FULL)

(video) HUMAN footprints among DINOSAUR tracks proven – Texas!

Kent Hovind: Did Ron Wyatt Find the Ark of the Covenant?

The Universe is Young — Evidence from Space, Earth, Biology & History

The 10 Best Evidences from Science that Confirm a Young Earth

Give God Glory! How much energy does the Sun produce in a single second?

How much energy does the Sun produce in a single second?

Total Energy of the Stars in the Universe!

Scientists Find 200 Sextillion More Stars in the Sky — The new estimate is 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000!

Star Size Comparison HD

Photo: God’s Universe: Our Milky Way–90° Panorama

Ron Wyatt – January 1999: Ark of the Covenant Discovery

[8-minute video] The crucifixion site of Christ: Ron Wyatt’s AMAZING Ark of the Covenant discovery! — Jesus’ blood travelled down the crack in the rock to fall on the MERCY SEAT on the ark!

[ audio ] Ron Wyatt Blood of Christ

The Physical Ashen Remains of Sodom & Gomorrah – Discovered by Ron Wyatt

Revealing God’s Treasure: Red Sea Crossing — See chariot parts and people parts in the sea where the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea on dry ground!

Revealing God’s Treasure: Mt. Sinai — See the blackened, burned peak, the split rock which Moses struck, and the altar which the golden calf was placed!

Revealing God’s Treasure – Ark of the Covenant — North of Jerusalem, hidden in a cave, rests the Ark of the Covenant, found by Ron Wyatt thru the Lord’s leading!

Revealing God’s Treasure: Noah’s Ark Found by the Late Ron Wyatt

Louie Giglio: How GREAT Is Our GOD — The Heavens Proclaim the GLORY of GOD!

(video) Even Pat Robertson Attacks Creationism As A “Joke”

(video) Pat Robertson Cheating Comments: ‘Well, He’s a Man. Males Have a Tendency to Wander’

Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God?

What is Liberal ‘Christian’ Theology? — “Love” of our fellow man becomes the defining issue. Jesus’ Greatest Commandment of loving God with ALL OF OUR HEART… / ‘Life in the Son’ is IGNORED, where our yoke is easy and our burden is light, where we’ll find rest for our souls, UNITED IN CHRIST • Liberal Christianity creates a FALSE GOD according to its own liking rather than worshiping God as He is described in the whole of the Bible

[Updated June 2016]

I’ve been running into this on Facebook — with guys who should know better — who previously experienced the good things of God — including having felt His presence.

I’ve seen especially one particular proponent strongly manipulate the discussion, keeping truth out by refusing to look at the facts (including my research here at ONEcanhappen) — making the ‘conversation’ the focus. The idea is to keep us in the conversation, instead of finding the truth that can set us free — ‘life in the Son.’

They claim they can now achieve a higher understanding by merely talking with each other about what is true, refusing not only to investigate the data, but also refusing to seek and worship God, the Holy Spirit, Whom Jesus said would lead us into *all* truth.

The Greatest Commandment (loving God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength) is discarded. The Second Greatest Commandment (loving our neighbors as ourselves) then becomes the only commandment, but it’s impossible to carry out without also obeying the Greatest. Christianity then becomes man centered only, instead of God centered, so it’s not really Christianity.

Jesus did the things he saw his Father doing. He was submitted to and led by the Holy Spirit just as we are to be. “Those who are led by the Spirit are the children of God.” We must “take up our cross and follow Him.” “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”

“My yoke is easy and my burden is light,” but liberal Christianity is a sweaty ministry because we’re designed to abide in The Vine from which His sap then automatically flows through us, producing fruit (John 15) — which is “life in the Son.”

“Come to me, all you who labor and are heavily burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart; and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Mt. 11:28-30)

We can’t do Christianity apart from God, and the Holy Spirit won’t lead us to do things that contradict the written word of God — like saying we “shouldn’t meet together” so ‘ONE’ can happen according to Ephesians 4:11-16, John 17, and etc. — which they continually push against.

And then I’ve seen those who have carefully done the research to discover the absolute truth are labeled as ‘arrogant’ — a debate technique used to demonize those of us who still dare to say there is absolute truth — and to shame others into also rejecting what the Bible clearly says and what the Holy Spirit has clearly shown people.

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” is a promise, as is: “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” God won’t help people see who don’t want to see, but He’s eager to help those who do. Pride in liberal ‘Christians’ makes them actively resist life in the Son — real Christianity, where Jesus’ greatest commandment is practiced first and foremost.

I’m not sure why formerly Spirit-filled (at times) Christians are adopting and pushing this anti-Ephesians-4:11-16, disunifying lie as the better way. Liberal ‘Christian’ theology is a form of active rebellion, which the Bible says is as the sin of witchcraft. No doubt this is a doctrine of demons that opposes the will of God — that we would be ‘ONE’ with each other in Him, that the world would know!

In John 17, Jesus also said He’d give us His glory so ‘ONE’ can happen. The Devil is trying to stop this with every trick he has.

May we stand up for what’s right no matter what, so ‘ONE’ can happen — so we can be FREE in Him — “that the world will know!”

Abide in Christ, getting our life source from Him that fruit will remain:

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” – John 10:27

“There is therefore now *no condemnation* to those who are in Christ Jesus, who don’t walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit. … For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are children of God.” – Romans 8:1, 14

“Then Jesus said to his disciples, ‘If anyone desires to come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.'” – Mt. 16:24

Remain in Him.


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What is liberal Christian theology?

Question: “What is liberal Christian theology?”

Answer: In liberal Christian teaching, which is not Christian at all, man’s reason is stressed and is treated as the final authority. Liberal theologians seek to reconcile Christianity with secular science and modern thinking. In doing so, they treat science as all-knowing and the Bible as fable-laden and false. Genesis’ early chapters are reduced to poetry or fantasy, having a message, but not to be taken literally (in spite of Jesus’ having spoken of those early chapters in literal terms). Mankind is not seen as totally depraved, and thus liberal theologians have an optimistic view of the future of mankind. The social gospel is also emphasized, while the inability of fallen man to fulfill it is denied. Whether a person is saved from his sin and its penalty in hell is no longer the issue; the main thing is how man treats his fellow man. “Love” of our fellow man becomes the defining issue. As a result of this “reasoning” by liberal theologians, the following doctrines are taught by liberal quasi-Christian theologians:

1) The Bible is not “God-breathed” and has errors. Because of this belief, man (the liberal theologians) must determine which teachings are correct and which are not. Belief that the Bible is “inspired” (in that word’s original meaning) by God is only held by simpletons. This directly contradicts 2 Timothy 3:16-17: “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”


5) Hell is not real. Man is not lost in sin and is not doomed to some future judgment without a relationship with Christ through faith. Man can help himself; no sacrificial death by Christ is necessary since a loving God would not send people to such a place as hell and since man is not born in sin. This contradicts Jesus Himself, who declared Himself to be the Way to God, through His atoning death (John 14:6).


7) The most important thing for man to do is to “love” his neighbor [while the Greatest Commandment, “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength” isn’t even mentioned – editor]. What is the loving thing to do in any situation is not what the Bible says is good but what the liberal theologians decide is good.


Scripture speaks against those who would cry “peace, peace” when there is no peace (Jeremiah 6:14)—which liberal theologians do by saying that man can attain peace with God apart from Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and that man need not worry about a future judgment before God. The Word of God speaks of a time when men will have a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof (2 Timothy 3:5)—which is what liberal theology does in that is says that there is some inner goodness in man that does not require a rebirth by the Holy Spirit through faith in Christ. And it speaks against those who would serve idols instead of the one true God (1 Chronicles 16:26)—which liberal Christianity does in that it creates a false god according to its own liking rather than worshiping God as He is described in the whole of the Bible.

Entire Article Here


Attempting to do the SECOND GREATEST commandment without doing the GREATEST isn’t really doing the GREATEST

Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God? — “There is therefore now *no condemnation* to those who are IN CHRIST Jesus, who don’t WALK according to the flesh, but ACCORDING TO THE SPIRIT.”

Pat Robertson On DHS Arms Build-Up: “Who Are They Going to Shoot, Us?”

Pat Robertson On DHS Arms Build-Up: “Who Are They Going to Shoot, Us?”

Televangelist questions Big Sis bullet buys

Paul Joseph Watson
March 29, 2013

Televangelist Pat Robertson has become the latest prominent conservative to question why the Department of Homeland Security is engaged in an apparent arms build-up, asking if the 1.6 billion bullets purchased by the federal agency will be used against the American people.

Speaking on his CBN broadcast yesterday, Robertson characterized the DHS ammo purchase and its acquisition of armored vehicles as “like something out of science fiction: long trains of full or armored vehicles, personnel carriers with armor.”

What are they for, the Army going into battle against the enemy?” asked Robertson. “They’re used by Homeland Security against us!

Robertson then quoted Ronald Reagan, “The most fearful statement in the English language is ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help’.”

“Imagine what Homeland Security is doing, it’s just awful,” he continued. “We’re going to talk about how much ammunition they’re stockpiling. Who are they going to shoot? Us?”

Robertson’s concern is similar to that expressed by retired United States Army Captain Terry M. Hestilow, who last week sent a letter to Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) warning that the ammo purchases represent “a bold threat of war by that agency (DHS), and the Obama administration, against the citizens of the United States of America.”

The website responsible for uploading the Pat Robertson video clip, Right Wing Watch, echoed other liberal news outlets by erroneously claiming that, “The conspiracy about secretive ammo stockpiling is completely unfounded.”

Their source for that judgment is a February 14 Associated Press report which quotes a single DHS official who claims the bullets are being bought in bulk and are for training purposes only. Apparently, citing the glib statement of one government official is enough to “debunk” concerns about government activity which are now shared by over a dozen members of Congress.

However, as we have exhaustively documented, the notion that the ammo is being purchased in bulk to “save money” is completely erroneous since most of the bullets are hollow point rounds, which are almost twice as expensive as regular full metal jackets and therefore unsuitable for training purposes.

As former Marine Richard Mason told reporters with WHPTV News in Pennsylvania earlier this month, “We never trained with hollow points, we didn’t even see hollow points my entire four and a half years in the Marine Corps.”

In addition, the article derides the issue as a “baseless” conspiracy theory yet fails to mention the fact that over a dozen members of Congress have demanded answers from DHS chief Janet Napolitano, only to be stonewalled.

Earlier this week, a weapons manufacturer who supplies ammunition to the federal government told the nationally syndicated Savage Nation radio show that the ammo purchases were an attempt to “control the amount of market that’s available on the commercial market at any time,” by forcing manufacturers to hold back stock.

Although the DHS has not physically purchased the full amount of 1.6 billion rounds of ammo (although huge quantities are being acquired and delivered to DHS facilities on a regular basis), it has signed contracts forcing manufacturers to set aside that amount of bullets, creating a squeeze on the market.

Ammunition is in short supply across the country, with police departments being forced to barter between themselves to meet demand while gun stores across America have resorted to bullet rationing. Ammunition is now so hard to get that crowds have started forming outside gun stores when new shipments of bullets are being delivered.

While happy to take pot shots at people easy to portray as “right-wing” demagogues, such as Pat Robertson and Sarah Palin, the liberal media continues to portray the DHS arms build-up as a “conspiracy theory” by ignoring the fundamental flaw in the DHS’ explanation for the huge bullet buys – that the “saving money” excuse doesn’t stand up and therefore there must be another reason for the purchases.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

This article was posted: Friday, March 29, 2013 at 6:48 am

Tags: government corruption, gun rights, police state

John Paul Jackson: “The spirit must rule the body. When the spirit is willing and the flesh is weak, the body is telling the spirit of a man what to do.”

From: John Paul Jackson on Facebook

“The spirit must rule the body. When the spirit is willing and the flesh is weak, the body is telling the spirit of a man what to do.”

– John Paul Jackson

* * *

“Watch and pray, that you don’t enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

– Jesus in Mt. 26:41

Alex Jones quote: “Either you’re going to be more enlightened and closer to God — or closer to the flesh.”

I was just listening to the rebroadcast of this morning’s Alex Jones Show. Alex was saying that there is going to be a division:

“Either you’re going to be more enlightened and closer to God —
or closer to the flesh.”

– Alex Jones

[ audio ] Mark Dice: Google Glass Will Be Your Garage Door Opener, TV Remote, and Refrigerator Inventory Viewer

Excellent predictive analysis by Mark Dice!

Perhaps this is another aspect of worshiping the creation instead of the Creator — which is so obviously true of the sexual lust epidemic.

With Google Glass, it’s like the sheeple are lining up. They can’t wait to more fully worship technology instead of the Creator — further broadening the gap between them and the Holy Spirit.

While Satan laughs: “ha, ha, ha…. I gotcha.” Everyone is so cool wearing their Google Glasses — one step closer to the Mark of the Beast.


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Google Glass Will Be Your Garage Door Opener, TV Remote, and Refrigerator Inventory Viewer

Mark DiceMark Dice

Published on Mar 24, 2013

Google Glass Will Be Your Garage Door Opener, TV Remote, and Refrigerator Inventory Viewer.

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