The first part is pretty good, but I posted this for what he says about Yoga.

We need to be careful.

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ISD Live with John Paul – The Architect of Your Destiny, and the Root of Yoga

Uploaded by on Dec 9, 2011

In this excerpt from December 2011’s ISD Live with John Paul Jackson, John Paul discusses a comment released on twitter/facebook regarding your destiny and the definition of architect. He also discusses Yoga and whether or not Christians should participate.

John Paul’s ISD Live is a monthly subscription based webinar that features up to date prophetic insights from John Paul, Biblical teaching, live Q&A, and more.
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2 thoughts on “[video] John Paul Jackson: Some things to watch out for in Yoga

  1. I love this video, I have watched it before but has since been removed from youtube. Do you know where we can find this video. I’d love to watch it again.


    1. There are some ISD Live John Paul videos still online, but I don’t know which one it would be, and if this is one of those still online. I was apparently the only one who mentioned that the yoga topic was covered.




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