Jim Caviezel: Born to stand out!

“You weren’t made to fit in.
You were born to stand out.”

– Jim Caviezel

Talking on TBN about The Word of Promise audio Bible
transcribed by me

I’m not a big TBN fan, at all,
but this discussion with Caviezel was excellent!

There’s something really special about this guy!


Richard Dreyfuss (plays Moses in THE WORD OF PROMISE AUDIO BIBLE) interviewed by Tavis: The dread he feels about America’s future, one man owns half of the news media, “If you’re against the policy, you’re against the troops,” DARKness and LIGHTkeepers!

[Anchorage] Wednesday Night Bible Doctrines Class at Abbott Loop

This is worthwhile, and is basically free. The $10 covers the cost of the handouts.

From: abbottloop.org…

Wednesday Night Bible Doctrines Class

A Wednesday night Bible Doctrines class will be starting on September 8th. The class will be from 7 p.m. – 8:15 p.m. If you are interested in taking the class please call the church at 349-9641 to register.

There will be a charge of $10 per person for the class. Child care will be provided up to age 4.

You can sign up in the foyer after Sunday services or contact the church office at 349-9641.


Kevin Conner: Doctrine Determines the Health of the Church

The NEW Bill of Rights — Why?


William Penn: “Men must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants”

Patrick Henry: When a people forget God, tyrants forge their chains

Benjamin Franklin told us: we’ve given you a republic, if you can keep it.
We haven’t kept it. – Hoppy Heidelberg, Grand Juror for OKC Bombing

Artist Unknown

Paul Craig Roberts: The Collapse Of Western Morality — “Americans will be the first people sent straight to Hell while thinking that they are the salt of the earth”

Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called children of God.

– Jesus


Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Contributing Editor of National Review. He is coauthor of The Tyranny of Good Intentions.

From: Rense

The Collapse Of Western Morality
By Paul Craig Roberts

…permit me to acknowledge that the US dropped nuclear bombs on two Japanese cities, fire-bombed Tokyo, that Great Britain and the US fire-bombed Dresden and a number of other German cities, expending more destructive force, according to some historians, against the civilian German population than against the German armies, that President Grant and his Civil War war criminals, Generals Sherman and Sheridan, committed genocide against the Plains Indians, that the US today enables Israel’s genocidal policies against the Palestinians, policies that one Israeli official has compared to 19th century US genocidal policies against the American Indians, that the US in the new 21st century invaded Iraq and Afghanistan on contrived pretenses, murdering countless numbers of civilians, and that British prime minister Tony Blair lent the British army to his American masters, as did other NATO countries, all of whom find themselves committing war crimes under the Nuremberg standard in lands in which they have no national interests, but for which they receive an American pay check.

I don’t mean these few examples to be exhaustive. I know the list goes on and on. Still, despite the long list of horrors, moral degradation is reaching new lows. The US now routinely tortures prisoners, despite its strict illegality under US and international law, and a recent poll shows that the percentage of Americans who approve of torture is rising. Indeed, it is quite high, though still just below a majority.

And we have what appears to be a new thrill: American soldiers using the cover of war to murder civilians. Recently American troops were arrested for murdering Afghan civilians for fun and collecting trophies such as fingers and skulls. …

The US government, a font of imperial hubris [def. – excessive pride or self-confidence; arrogance], does not believe that any act it commits, no matter how vile, can possibly be a war crime. One million dead Iraqis, a ruined country, and four million displaced Iraqis are all justified, because the “threatened” US Superpower had to protect itself from nonexistent weapons of mass destruction that the US government knew for a fact were not in Iraq and could not have been a threat to the US if they were in Iraq. …

Some sports teams now have a win-at-all-cost attitude that involves plans to injure the star players of the opposing teams. …

Americans will be the first people sent straight to Hell while thinking that they are the salt of the earth. The Americans have even devised a title for themselves to rival that of the Israelis’ self-designation as “God’s Chosen People.” The Americans call themselves “the indispensable people.”

Entire Article Here

For more of what’s really going on, check out my extensive research at ToBeFree

Who really goes to heaven? Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way

Peace Day – September 21: “Peace starts within and radiates into the world”

Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called children of God.

– Jesus

International Peace Day – September 21

HeartMath2 | September 16, 2010

International Day of Peace – September 21st For Peace Day, open your heart, offer your compassion, give appreciation. For more information and to download your free gift from HeartMath, please visit http://www.heartmath.com/peace10/.

Michael Galiga: How to get your life and your business unstuck

From: Sid Roth

This Week’s Guest
Michael Galiga

April 19-25, 2010

Michael Galiga has received supernatural revelation on how anyone, whether a corporation or single individual, can live a life of victory and success. In the tumult of your day-to-day life, you can have the power to defeat all your fears and conquer the obstacles you face. You Can Win Every Battle! Watch this special interview as Michael gives you keys to begin living a life of victory today!

Watch the video here

The radio interviews are here. And I really like this segment (day 2), in which he talks about journaling what God says, and his breakthrough through worshiping, which reminds me of what happened to Terry Law:

“If you want to go someplace you’ve never been you have to do things you’ve never done.”

From: TV show transcript

SID: Some of the principles that you teach on, I mean, each one is a key and you put an amazing warranty, if you will, for major corporations.

MIKE: Yes.

SID: What do you challenge them with?

MIKE: Yes. And I really want somebody to challenge me on this. I dare people. It’s called the corporate challenge. Nobody has taken me up on this yet, but I know they will. The corporate challenge is as if there is large American corporation that is generally widely known and it’s dying, and we can think of some off the top of our heads, but we won’t name names. But if one of those companies will do what I wrote about in this book and they agree to do that I will go at my own expense to their headquarters and walk them through this process with a guarantee that their company will be revived.

SID: Michael, you talk about curses here. And curses pass on from generation to generation, to generation. And you talk about some of the companies, General Motors and Ford. And there was a story about that you talk about, about a car that I was not familiar with called the Tucker Torpedo. What was that?

MIKE: Yeah. The Tucker Torpedo was created by a man that used to work for one of the big three automobile companies, and it was really a breakthrough, highly innovative, technologically advanced automobile. And we don’t know, Sid, whether, you know, some of these things that were said about what maybe some of the big three did to Mr. Tucker did are true or they’re not true. The point is that every person in every company has baggage, things they’ve done wrong, things they’ve said wrong; things they’ve thought wrong. And when that happens it creates a break in their prosperity. And so if you–

SID: So let’s assume that what Tucker said was true. What did he say?

MIKE: Basically, that his company was poised to take a significant market share from the current automobile manufactures, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, and they didn’t want that to happen. So if that’s true, that would have hurt them and they, through political connections and lawsuits and different things, they basically strung him out and diverted his attention from his company into the lawsuits and the political maneuvering and testifying in Congress. And by the time he could get back to looking at his business, his company was bankrupt.

SID: Well it certainly makes logical sense to me. So assuming that was true and if it is true, his company was bankrupt. It is true that he had a superior vehicle. So it kind of rings a bell of truth to me. So assuming that’s true, what would someone like Ford or General Motors have to do to get that cloud off of them?

MIKE: Well, you know S[id], I’m a businessman. I’m not a prophet. I’m not a preacher. I didn’t go to seminary. I’m strictly involved in making large dollar decisions and I cannot afford a mistake. Okay. I want to clarify that. But with a company like General Motors, assume this was true, and I can’t prove it, but if it was true or something like it was true and there could be hundreds, if not thousands of these sorts of things that have to be dealt with. And when they’re dealt with and you go basically to your Maker and say, “Hey, I’m sorry we did that.” Well I didn’t do it. The guys that ran the company 50 years ago did it, but still, I’m responsible. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. We’re turning away from that. Okay. We admit our guilt. We’re gonna move on. At that point those curses then are broken and the prosperity can flow. There’s a spirit called lack. It’s very real. I’ve experienced it, Sid. I’ve been on both sides of these deals. And so the spirit of lack has, because you’ve opened a door, you’ve opened that door of that curse because you’ve done something wrong that the spirit of lack comes in and chokes you. It chokes off your finances. It hurts retirees and pensions, and health benefits. All those things melt down. Everything goes wrong until that core thing is fixed.


Asbury Revival, 1970: “Dr. Kinlaw, I am a liar. Now what do I do?”