14 thoughts on “Hell Testimony — Kenneth Hagin’s Near Death Experience in 1933!

  1. kenneth haggin a real apostate, that have all his teachings from methaficis master essek william kenyon, all his work is made in the name of his master lucifer , father of all lies, and the people that hear his teachings will go to hell, like him


    1. Why do you think you will go to heaven? In the same way you judge you will be judged — throwing out the baby with the bathwater, attributing everything Kenneth did to Satan. Not a good idea, and not true at all.


  2. Rev. Hagin is one of those rare faithful men in this generation where heresies have parvaded the arena of pupilt, to list him under the capture of false prophet is to make a fool of oneself and if immediate repentance is not sought the accuser may face divine eventually.


  3. Kenneth Hagin walked closer to God than anyone in our day and time.He knew over two-thirds of the New Testament by heart.
    He had several very exact words from God for me personally.
    He was the greatest of all spiritual blessings to my life, after getting saved.
    I will always miss this precious precious saint of God and his wonderful teaching.

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  4. Same here too, am receiving God’s blessing through his book am presently reading “how to be led by the spirit of Go”. It shows me the reality of Jesus the more, Jesus is alive and without Jesus, no hope. Col 1:27 confirmed it.

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